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My Journey in Yoga, What’s Yours?

My journey with yoga began years ago when I was looking for a new form of exercise. Like many inexperienced Yogis I purchased a yoga DVD set and practiced at home for more than 10 years.  However, during this time I secretly wanted more from my practice.  Uncertain about what I wanted I would not attend a yoga studio. I didn’t know anything about yoga studios, so I attended classes offered at a gym.  I quickly learned that a class was only as good as its instructor.  I found a good instructor, but the large class size and variety of skill levels left me needing more from the practice.  Once the instructor moved on, I did too.  Now I was back to practicing at home with the same videos and poses, but I really craved instruction.  I wanted to learn more, know more, and was eager to move forward in my practice.  I knew this was nothing I could do on my own.   


Through my children’s school I met someone who was passionate about yoga. Secretly, I found her to be an inspiration.  She had taken the brave step to further her practice by attending classes to become an instructor.  I too was longing to explore my practice through teaching.  However, the same excuses weighed me down and prevented me from pursuing a deeper understanding of yoga. I talked about my desire to everyone, but feeling weighed down with life I was unwilling to move forward.

Luckily, this yogi became my yogi friend. She introduced me to a studio where I would further my practice and become inspired.  It quickly became a safe haven for me.  I loved attending class, being challenged, pushing my limits, and reflecting on my practice in an honest way.  The instructors were knowledgeable and talked about how yoga practices impact our everyday life.  Quickly the poses, that I was intensely focused on improving, became a secondary priority.  Instead, yoga was becoming a truth, a path where I could see my life in an honest way without guilt, regret, or shame.  The feeling was empowering.   I was beginning to have new visions for my future.  Yoga was opening my world up to possibilities by forcing me to let go of objects, clutter, untruths, and unnecessary matters of life.  All of these things were stones, burdens that weighed me down, because they imposed worry and doubt on my spirit.  I allowed this to happen because I was not focused on the positive, wonderful, empowering gifts that had enhanced my life.   However, I could feel that I was changing.  Yoga was opening my mind, soul, and body.  Over the course of several months I became courageous in my practice.  I forced myself to overcome fear, shame, and doubt by setting new limits.  Finally, I was ready to take the next step in my practice and prepared myself to enter a world where I would further my understanding of yoga.

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