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7 Things that Private People Desperately Need Others to Understand

1.) Protecting one’s privacy extends way beyond their personal privacy. Most likely private people are also protective of their children’s privacy, their family’s privacy, and friend’s privacy. They are like vaults filled with information and have very little interest in sharing outside of a highly trusted group of loved ones.
2.) Private people are not interested in sharing every piece of information about themselves. This not an antisocial or introverted behavior. Most likely private individuals are more interested in other people’s stories and lives than sharing their own.
3.) Private people are incredibly selfless. They are more interested in helping and reaching out to others. They are notorious in putting their lives on the back burner because they have a burning desire to make the world better than they found it.
4.) Some individuals are not comfortable reflecting on their day, week, life, etc. However, private people typically enjoy getting lost in thought. Long drives, walks, or simply sitting quietly is an enjoyable experience because private people love to reflect on everything!!!!
5.) The world has become such an accessible place in which to share information. Individuals who protect their privacy do not overshare their lives on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Private people carefully think about what they divulge in public domains.
6.) The ego does not rule a private individual’s decisions or behavior. They don’t believe themselves to be better than others. Most likely private people pay little or no attention to whatever size ego they possess.
7.) Private individuals love having friends, real friends, but do not require large groups of friends. However, having a group of trusted non-judgemental friends is a requirement!

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