The Loving, Unbreakable, and Powerful Bond between a Mother and her Daughter

         My daughter, oh, my daughter, our relationship is the most mind-boggling experience that I have ever had.  The spectrum of emotion that I can feel when interacting with my daughter is indescribable.  She can melt my heart and drive me crazy insane in zero to sixty.  Why?  A research study published in the Journal of Neuroscience stated that the emotional control center of the brain is most similar between mothers and daughters.  Therefore, the emotional regulation patterning between a mother and daughter is nearly identical. In theory, a mother is dealing with a younger, more immature, version of herself and a daughter is dealing with an older, more mature version of herself.  It can be incredibly endearing and downright annoying.

         The mother-daughter relationship is forever evolving because it has many stages. The bond continually strengthens because of the unconditional love and affection the two have for one another. That is why the relationship can withstand disputes, battles, and confrontations.   Being the mother of a little girl is an experience that is impossible to define because it is so complicated.  To understand, one must live it.  A mother must realize that she is raising a younger version of herself but in a different time and generation.  She may appreciate the way her daughter thinks and feels, but a mother will never have an understanding of the modern age that her daughter is attempting to navigate.  As daughters grow and mature, they need to realize that a mother is strong on the surface, but vulnerable and human.  Neither should judge the other but have the empathy to appreciate each other’s, experiences, strengths, knowledge, and contribution to the world.  

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